Melomakarona without baking (without flour and sugar)

We are officially in the most festive season of the year! And what Christmas would be if you did not fill the house smells of cinnamon and cloves. If you…

Chestnut chocolate mousse (vegan)

Chocolate muffins with zucchini (sugar free)

Summer chickpea salad

Protein Smoothie with yogurt

You're on the beach all day… This afternoon you want something fast, which It will give your skin the necessary hydration after sunbathing-yogurt + Rose It will give you the…

Fig Chutney with almonds (sugar-free)

Vegan cheesecake with cashew cream, blackberries and blueberry

Melon jelly with Rose (sugar and gelatine free)

Mango-lime pops

That’s the most exotic and refreshing ice pop  you can make! You will need just 3 ingredients! It’ sugar-free, gluten free and vegan and it has only 50kcal! Mango, except…

Chocolate biscuits with avocado

Stevia lemonade

Strawberry jam with Chia and mint (no sugar)


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