Chocolate muffins with zucchini (sugar free)

Could you believe that these chocolate muffins would contain zucchini and banana? Believe me, you could not! It is the perfect way to avoid sugar and butter and add some…

Summer chickpea salad

Protein Smoothie with yogurt

Fig Chutney with almonds (sugar-free)

Vegan cheesecake with cashew cream, blackberries and blueberry

Anyone who loves cheesecake raise your hand…! I the truth is that I am not a friend of the classic version because after 2 tablespoons seems to me quite "Ligwtiko".…

Melon jelly with Rose (sugar and gelatine free)

Mango-lime pops

Stevia lemonade

Strawberry jam with Chia and mint (no sugar)

Who doesn't love strawberries? Especially at this time when they are at their best! Red and juicy! Ah I do not know how to prwtofaw them… I start and think of…